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The Florida Association of Rural EMS Providers, or FAREMS, provides a unified voice for both county and rural-based EMS providers at a state and local level.

FAREMS members include providers from all over the State of Florida incuding fire agencies that meet the county or rural-based designation that are licensed BLS or above providers in the state.


Our Mission

To provide a unified voice for both rural and county-based EMS providers at a state and local level to expand and improve the delivery of pre-hospital emergency medical services by providing professional expertise to the Florida Department of Health regarding EMS within its specialties.

Become a member today and have a voice on rural EMS issues in Florida.

Training, group purchasing, advocacy,  and more!

Looking for an EMS career in Rural Florida? Check out our Job Postings.

Affiliate Sponsor

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"Care shouldn't start in the Emergency Room."

James Douglas 

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